Do you have doubts about God’s existence?

Do you have doubts about God’s existence? Just look around……

If you do, please find your answers in Psalm 8. The writer starts by elevation the name of God than any other thing here on earth – How God created beauty and splendour to be seen and enjoyed by humanity.

It is sad though that, when we look at everything God created, only humanity has strayed from God’s original intent. However, God Almighty has never ceased to bring us and the whole of created order back to Godself. God’s love to all that God has created has never ebbed at any given point – hence the writer, says; Psalm 8:4….what is a human being that you think of him? And a child of humankind that you care for him?

It is soothing to know that, irrespective of our shortcomings, iniquities, transgressions, we are loved dearly by God. In fact, God has made us co-creators with Godself. We are stewards of his beloved creation. All that is needed from us is to care, love and work creation. In Genesis 1:28, all authority was given to us to as curators to God’s work. I call upon each one of us to join together in lifting up the name of God and give God the glory that only God deserves. Let us all enjoy creation and follow what John Wesley taught…….

Three simple rules from General Rules for Methodism – Do no harm, Do good, stay in love with God.

Shalom Moagi