Pentecost was a reminder to the early church about God’s presence and power. What happened at Pentecost we really do not know, except that the disciples had an experience of the power of the Spirit that transformed their lives in an amazing way? Our readings today reveal how far this gift of God’s spirit reaches. This gift of Spirit reaches even the driest valleys of bones with no life at all. Pentecost helps us to try and come to terms with what God is doing through the work of the Spirit in the lives of people and the community. It is not just about a few individuals receiving this gift, it’s about God bringing new life on earth.

This brings hope to us as Christians because we live in a world where there are valleys of dry bones like the one Ezekiel experienced in Chapter 37 which I strongly believe that even the disciples went through these valleys. Every once in a while we do feel like a heap of dry bones in a valley and it is a normal thing that we go through. We feel this deadness when we go through life’s unexpected experiences as individuals, family or community. So much is happening around us that leads to despair and hopelessness.

I guess this is what God saw in Ezekiel’s face, despair and hopelessness hence the question, “Son of man, can these bones live?” Ezekiel’s response is “O Lord, you alone know.” He acknowledges that God is the Creator as Psalm 104 articulates clearly that His influence is present for all to see. “This is the Creator God who can mould and shape that which seems impossible, can even breathe new life into that which seems beyond any resuscitation.”

The power of the Spirit is beyond description. The desolate situation of Israel was turned into a hopeful situation. Our God is a God of the impossible; he does not give up on his people. Even with you today God has not given up on you. The Spirit comes to heal the broken hearts and the broken world. Ezekiel’s prophecy reflects the life-giving power of the Spirit in which God revives and resurrects his people and his creation.

“Can these bones live?” Let us together shout a resounding “YES LORD.” With Him on our side nothing is impossible.

Come Holy Spirit, come. Fall afresh on us, breath on us and bring us redemption, healing and renewal. Amen.

Richest Blessings