Children of God

Hi Everyone,

Today’s readings continue to follow the story of the disciples after Jesus’ resurrection. After receiving the Holy Spirit andpreaching to thousands of people Peter and John heal a man who has been unable to walk since his birth. Peter explains to everyone around that the man has been healed through faith in the name of Jesus.

Jesus’ name still has the same power to heal today. There are some of us who suffer from physical pains or illnesses but there are many more of us who suffer from internal pains that are not physical. There are things that have happened in our lives that have created wounds we sometimes can’t see ourselves.John tells us in his first letter that we are Children of God and it is for this reason that God wishes to heal us of the wounds we carry around. Wounds that no one else can see and that we sometimes can’t even see.

God loves us as His children and wants to see us healed of these wounds. He wants to be part of that healing that we can only receive through faith in Jesus’ name. Do you come to church and find yourself unable to connect with God as your Father or as your Friend? Do you feel there
is a massive gap between you and God? There is most probably a wound causing this that God wants nothing more than to heal.

He wants to heal it so that you can fully experience being a Child of God! God’s calling you to search for Him on a deeper level and together heal that wound. Are you willing to take that step.

God bless,