Calvary Road

During this period of Lent, we are reminded that in our journey we must be prepared to be called to be a band of crucified followers.

Christ died to create comrades on the Calvary road. Calvary is the name of the hill where he was crucified. Nothing would hinder his mission to die. When he was warned about the challenges he was going to face .He continued to set his face to go there.

In a sense, the Calvary road is where everyone meets Jesus. It’s true he has already walked the road, and died and risen and He reigns in Heaven. But when Christ meets a person today, it is always on the Calvary road- on the way to the cross. Every time he meets someone on the Calvary road he says “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me”.

So my friends if we follow Jesus on the road to Calvary, the old self-determining, self-absorbed me must be crucified. Jesus calls us onto the Calvary road. It is a hard and good life.

I invite you, Come!

Soli de Gloria
Rev. P. Mosia