Blessed are those who have not seen

Jesus spoke in short sentence and summed up a lot of life in a few words. His final beatitude is in the gospel today – Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe. You can unpack that little phrase and in it you realize that faith is about things that cannot be proved, that it is not easy, and
that it brings a blessedness to life.

Something is only by faith when everything else fades off. Our loved ones die and only faith assures us that they are alive with God. Only faith assures us that Jesus is present in the mystery of the bread and wine at our Communion. Only faith assures us that He is with us when two or three gather and only faith assures us that what we for other we do for Him. Faith assures us of some of the best things of life, finally that we come from God and go to God.

Thomas found difficulty with all this. Jesus dealt gently with him, pointing out the wounds of His body and inviting him to touch them. But Thomas never needed to touch the holes in Jesus’ hands and feet. He was told that an even better happiness was to believe without touch or sight. He found faith now in the risen Lord, and the faith itself was Jesus’ final gift to Thomas.

We need to take time and let faith grow within us. This can be in prayer, in faith-conversation and in allowing ourselves sit quietly and be in the presence of God. In the busy world, this may be difficult, but no day is diminished by the time we spend in silence and in quiet, knowing we are richly blessed when we grow our faith in God.

Lord, I believe in your presence with me and within me. Strengthen my belief.