Before you speak any words…

Dear Friends

What a privilege it is to be with you this morning – to share in worship and fellowship this Women’s Month of August.

I have a sign up in my office that reads:-
Before you speak any words:-
Are they true?
Are they kind?
Are they necessary?
Do they improve the silence?

Let me first say that I love words, I love writing, I love talking and I love debating with others and so when I first read these words it really made me think. What do my words say about me? Do they reflect the love of Christ within me? Are all my words absolutely true or are they assumptions? Are my words kind? Do I really need to be ready to talk at
every opportunity – what if I tried to listen more?

Do my words improve the silence? So much can be heard in silence if I can find the courage to listen well. So I invite you to join me in reading them every day, be challenged by them and live them into your being and the world.

Peace and Joy