Abiding in Christ

Friends I was honored to be part of the women in ministry visit to Jordan House Old age on the 02 August 2016, a day before local government elections. I was inspired by the words written on their notice board outside dining hall.

“We are all ambassadors for Jesus Christ. We are the army of Jesus, We are winners and not losers. We stand firm on His promise that He will supply all our needs that’s why we don’t strike but trust Jesus instead” (W. Arrow).

I recalled how I left out a dish overnight and found it hard to clean in the morning. However I was advised by my wife to soak the dish in hot water instead of scrubbing it. Letting a dish abide in the solution allows a hard cleaning job to become a lot easier.

This is what abiding does for Christians. We are much easier to clean up when we have been hanging out in the right environment. Religion says “Scrape off the dirt”. Relationship says “Soak” just sit in the hot water for a while.

Abide in Christ and you will be set free.

Rev. P.Mosia