A time for prayer!!

There is a time for everything and I think this is the time for prayer. Prayer is a constant communication between us and our God. Time where we become vulnerable before God and not to hide anything from Him.

The Question is how do we go on a journey of prayer? Wuellner in her book “Spiritual healing and Renewal for those in Christian leadership” speaks about three types of prayer:

  • The Soaking prayer – Laying aside all intensive prayer and reading, for example lie very still and let God’s light and breath flow slowly and deeply in every part of your body. Your whole self is washed in God’s presence,
  • Bodily Prayer – You can touch or just think of any part of your body in special need and pray for Christ’s indwelling presence, use any words that you feel are right for you.
  • Breathing prayer – “He breathed on them and said to them, Receive the Holy Spirit”(John 20:22). As you rest your body, think of your breath flowing in and flowing
    out. Let each breath become for you God’s breath of life breathed into you.

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayers!

Peter Mosia