A Clear Conscience

Conscience is like an Alarm Bell that warns us that something is wrong. Everybody has a conscience when it comes to registering what is Right or Wrong.

Conscience literally means “with knowledge” and our conscience comes into action the moment we step out of God’s ways. It is either “bearing witness” to you” Accusing you or defending you. If you heed these promptings you will have a good clear conscience. If you disregard them then you have a “Guilty Conscience” (Romans 2:15, 1 Timothy 1:5)

Therefore we are in Danger when our conscience stops bothering us when we do something wrong. In the run up to our salvation, the Holy Spirit worked on our conscience to
make us understand that we were guilty .However, it was the truth of gospel that enlightened our minds and conscience that brought about a new awareness of our sin.
When right decisions are made, we have a good and clear conscience. A clear conscience confirms three things.

It confirms God’s law written in your heart it confirms the words you speak It confirms the way you conduct yourself It is my prayer that we become Christ ambassadors that have a clear conscience in our dealings with the people of God.

Soli de Gloria
Rev. P. Mosia