Our Journey With God

Calvary greetings

I was at the Ordinand’s retreat this past week, from 17-19 Jan 2017 at Lumko Retreat Centre. In one of the group reflections we had to share our journey with God, pain and loss and the moments where we opened our eyes and realized that Jesus was with us.

I was challenged by Henri Nouwen words regarding the loss:

when we were born, we lost the safety of the womb, when we got our first job we lost the freedom of youth, when we got married or ordained we lost the joy of many options and when we grew old we lost our good looks, old friends, or our fame. When we become weak or ill, we lost our physical independence and when we die we will lose it all, however all these losses are part of the ordinary life” – (1994:24)

The critical question is what we do with our losses. Are we hiding them? Or are we going to keep them away from our fellow travelers? Are we going to convince ourselves or others that our losses are little compared to our gains?

Two disciples on the road to Emmaus, had to share their pain and loss with one another. After the retreat I felt much better because I was able to share my pain and struggles with others. My prayer is that, you will find time to share yours as well. Be Careful! It is easy to carry out functions of your role in church without a sense of the holy.

Keep on walking, Jesus will join you on the road, his words are truthful and encouraging

Solio de Gloria
Rev P. Mosia